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case hat geschrieben:Looks, as if the thick wires in the maze help to keep the cells down with being formschlüssig (shape-fitting ?).
Well the cells are kept in place even without glue or any connections due to the milled pockets in the baseplate. I milled the pockets 0.4mm deep, but 0.3 would suffice - I didn't know how much the solder and the copper tabs would add to the 0.22mm wafer height before.
A drop of varnish can hold the cells in place sufficiently. For anything else but a prototype assembly.. I guess I would put a thin coat of clear silicone on the glas front and then but the assembled baseplate on top. However, even with a water tighteningt treatment, the design is not really weather proof with wood as a baseplate. For a permanent modular installation this design could be used with some kind of plastic or metal (insulated/coated) as a baseplate. However, that's not the aim of this design ;) It's pretty lightweight and easy to carry in a bag right now. I want to try acrylic glas rather than real glas, because the glas weights the most of this setup.
And nice, that the magnet stuff works also. But if you glue it would it be still conducting ?
Yea! You just put the magnet in place (metal-on-metal) and then add a drop of CA :) No glue between the surfaces.
The thing contains also an intelligence-test-question: if you have clamped the glass on it, you could not weld the clamps. But if you would weld them before then you are not able to move them for clamping the glass under them ;)
They are all just soldered, not welded or brazed. :) The clips can be soldered really easy with either the glas clamped in place or before clamping the glas on top. In the wiki entry is another picture of the backside assembled.
case hat geschrieben:Its a pity that the glass is to short, i assume its from the picture frame. However, one can get the idea already how it will look like later. Nice done !
Thanks! Yes those glasses are from the picture frames, which I took apart for the metal clips and the general brainstorming...

regards, Oliver[/quote]
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