Video streaming of prototyping and workshops.

I’d like to simplify the process of documenting any progress and tutorials. For now, I take pictures with my top-end phone in the shop, sometimes with a dslr, too, but the latter is too precious to be covered in oil and dust when I am working in the shop. I am thinking of installing HD Cameras at the most important workplaces and just recording every stream simultaneously. This is a prototype for workshops which should be streamed live or at least recorded and uploaded.


One overhead or isometric close-up camera pointing towards the work piece in the lathe. There is superb light available.
One isometric close up at the conventional milling machine.
One isometric close up at the spindle of the CNC milling machine, mounted at the Z-axis
One overview of the CNC milling machine with the CAD workspace…

I could make a camera mount for all those machines.

We can wait until we have prototypes ready and give workshops of Helios, TiVA, … or one might start right now to document the development during the prototyping phase. Once bought, the equipment can be re-used, for conventions, online meetings and online workshops later on.

Any recommendations on cameras? preferably HD with wLAN / LAN+PoE


We really should ask Chrono from Apollo NG here regarding these topic.
He already documents his work using HD cameras and has many years prof. experience with these topics.

I will contact him and ask him to repond to this thread here.
Maybe he finds some time to advise us regarding this :slight_smile:

I would also suggest to install MediaGoblin for web streaming of created videos.
Every project should be able to preset progess in the blog / link the videos of MediaGoblin.
I will do some research here fpr WordPress/MediaGoblin integration.