[TODO-5] Create .de gmail accounts

I need nikolay@opensourceecology.de email account connected to my Gmail as I am speaking and connecting with more and more people. I would prefer this to be my standard email account for OSEG.

After researching, there are 2 options:

  1. Google Apss - requires change of the MX Records on our server - Aron has access. I cannot do it
  2. If I already had the nikolay@ose*.de, then I could send a verification email from it from my Gmail as described here: http://www.cravingtech.com/how-to-use-gmail-with-your-domain-name-address-without-using-google-apps.html. But I don’t have this email.

So currently I cannot work on this task and need help from Aron.

  1. is the best option. I already use Google Apps for serveral accounts. But they charge e.g. 5$ / month for up to 3 (or 5?) real email accounts. But this will be enough for us for now I guess.


Regarding the email system installation on our server I’m not sure what’s the current status? (@your buddy wanted to setup pop3/imap postfix or smth?)

This would be option 2 - but we would need webmail installation too.

We should just use OpenXchange as a comprehensive webmailer. The server is up to it, and they support the OpenSource community with a free license.

Regarding the mail server installation… I asked him multiple times for the documentation… The mail server is already set up, secure imap + secure smtp are running as far as I know. I will dig through the stuff and write down any important account data for our archive.

Again, we should create a secure keypass database.