[TODO-13] Backups (Most Important and Urgent)

Haben wir Backups vom Wiki, Blog und Forum? Wie oft werden sie ausgeführt?

any idea whether we have backups?

I assume we don’t have backups. This is not good. Who can help?

I have installed a backup for the Blog and it is working. We need urgently backup mechanism for the forum and Wiki.

manual backup done according to: http://www.wplug.org/wiki/Simple_MediaWiki_Backup
Tried to install a cron job every day at 5am - Should be verified tomorrow.

The cron job is unfortunately not working.

post the error from the log and let’s see.

which log and how to access it?

The backup script is in /www/backupAll.bash
I tried with this command: http://wiki.opensourceecology.de/wiki/Bash_Commands#Cron_Jobs

of course in /var/log.
syslog contains all sorts of debug info if a cronjob isn’t running as expected. The terminal output is logged there.

I just restarted the syslog daemon due to a frozen process. The last syslog was empty, that was suspicious.
Oct 12 15:15:42 lvps178-77-78-212 syslogd 1.5.0#6: restart.

Somebody should implement proper server monitoring at the OSEG server. nagios services or something like that.

backup databases:


mysqldump -h DB_HOST -u DB_USER -p'DB_PASSWORD' DB_NAME > YOUR_WEB_ROOT/db_backup_$(date +%Y%m%d).sql
gzip -f YOUR_WEB_ROOT/db_backup_$(date +%Y%m%d).sql

dieses als dbbackup.sh ablegen und per cron-job z.B. 1xtäglich vielleicht in der Nacht ausführen lassen oder?

I’ve seen the backupscripts in the www main directory?

What we need for closing this item?

Maybe a backup-folder and cronjob to copy (every day) the backupfile into a backupfolder?


We need a functional, tested and verified cronjob.

cronjob for backup all databases is running every day 3:59 AM

next step:

  • create script for backup important files (wiki, forum)