TiVA December Priorities

Today, 10.12.2012, Alex shared following priorities for the further development of the Wind Turbine.

  1. Fundraising - to free Alex’s time - he is the project leader and the further development depends a lot from him. We must find financial supporters for that. Please see:
    German: http://wiki.opensourceecology.de/wiki/Mitmachen/Fundraiser
    English: http://wiki.opensourceecology.de/wiki/Mitmachen/Fundraiser/en

  2. Good Project Management system:

  • with good workflow, easy to send/open issues
  • currently Github, to be researched: Jira (OS License is possible), Bugzilla, …
  • Alex already succeeded in publishing updates from https://github.com/etemu/wilssen/commits/master to the #OSEG IRC channel and this saves time.

Other TODOS for Nikolay:

  • Form für Überweisung vom Verein an Alex vorbereiten
  • OpenID deaktivieren (14 Leute)

Low Priority:
install Open Exchange - Kommunikation, Termine, Meetings, Mailingliste, z.B Verwaltung - Sicherheitsdaten.

  1. Fundraising: I updated the Wiki and Blog with this priority: http://wiki.opensourceecology.de/wiki/Main_Page