Switch wikimedia to English-only code

Should we switch the wiki user interface to English?

  • Yes. English source code is great.
  • No. I want to use proprietary German source code.
  • I don’t know / I don’t want to make a decision.

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I noticed the use of proprietary German syntax in our wiki. When it comes to source code, I hate foreign mumbo-jumbo. It’s not elegant and compatible to have a German wiki. Note: I’m not saying that all the articles should be written in English! It’s just the syntax.I’d also like to ditch the German user interface, as is creates German source code if you use the German theme in your profile. After all, the native Germans among us now how to use an English UI, right?


Wiki code for a German wikimedia installation:

General wiki compatible code, for any type of wikimedia installation, not restricted to English wikis and fine on German, Italian, French, (…) wikis:

After all, we want the openness for international visitors and cross-site compatible wiki entries for our friends at opensourceecology.org, open-ressource.org, wikipedia.com, …



From the beginning for English! :slight_smile:

okay! please add this task to our todo-list.

switched: http://wiki.opensourceecology.de/wiki/Special:RecentChanges