Status 03.12.2012

Hi Alex,

  • what is the current status of the development?
  • What help do you need - for the Controller and the Wind Turbine?
  • What is the plan for the next 1 to 3 months?


Have a look at the wiki entry:
Let’s open Issues at GitHub as long as we don’t have a project management with tasks:

I am working on the schematics and the PCB layout of the Wilssen core module.

Achmed: waveform analysis, e.g. RPM and frequency extraction from alternator waveform sampling.

Leon: work on the visual display function, the RGB LED driver code.

Benni: atm thinking about current sensing topology.

Great! 4 people working! I will communicate about the Github issues.

Do you need more people on the team and what kind of?

We still need a fundraiser.