SPAM - removed and some new settings

I removed >20 SPAM messages and >5 SPAM users today morning.

New settings:

Check IP against DNS Blackhole List = YES
If enabled the user’s IP address is checked against the following DNSBL services on registration and posting: and This lookup may take a while, depending on the server’s configuration. If slowdowns are experienced or too many false positives reported it is recommended to disable this check.

Registration attempts = 3
Number of attempts users can make at solving the anti-spambot task before being locked out of that session.

New questions on registration (Spambot countermeasures):
In welchem Kontinent ist Deutschland?
OSE consists of 3 words: ___ ___ Ecology. What are the first two words?

Sounds great, but those users may come in through openID? And thus circumvent captcha stuff?

removed the OSE question (answer contains two words from the title of the website) and added a new question: Fünfundzwanzig mal 4 plus eins macht?

I leave the OpenID open for now. If there is more SPAM, I will disable it and see what happens.