Soundcloud going CC (Communication)

Hi Rameses,

you are making so BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING music! Thank you for the enrichment!

I am preparing a movie and I was searching for Creative Commons music and just now I accidentally found your music. If I knew about it earlier I would be able to integrate it in the movie I am making. I want to give you one very simple advice how you can make it much more easier for people like me to find your music and how actually you can spread the music you want to be spread to much more people.

Simply release it explicitly under Creative Commons with Attribution (CC-BY). You already wrote this in your description about the Free tracks, but if you release them explicitly you have the following advantages:

  1. People who are searching for CC-BY music are using this search:[cc_licensed]=1&q[model]=Track . Currently your music is not shown here, but it can be if you set explicitly the CC-BY license. Thus you are reaching much more people. People who are making movies like me, or mixes, can then immediately find your quality music.

  2. You are saving time to the people who want to use your music and for yourself. These people don’t have to explicitly ask you and you don’t have to explicitly answer them. A CC-BY license says everything about the use of the track.

It would be just awesome if you do this! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about that feel free to ask me.

Thank you for your music!


Rameses: Hi Nikolay thanks for the advice! I’ll get that sorted, cheers :slight_smile: