Searching for Organizer of a Wind Turbine workshop in Berlin

Daniel Connell is searching for a organizer of Wind Turbine workshop in Berlin. If you want to help contact him at: sugarandfat at

Hi Nikolay.

I’m heading to India in 3-4 weeks to start the lowtech trip thing which
was meant to start in East Timor but I got called back to Germany to
sort out some bureaucracy stuff first.
While I’m here I might as well do a wind turbine construction workshop,
I did a couple in Australia before coming here, to get some traveling
money together and further plant the seed of the technology.

It’d be a hassle tho for me to try to arrange everything in Berlin while
I’m in Leipzig, plus I’ll be visiting Spain next week. So what I’m
looking for is someone to do all the setting up of the workshop so I can
just turn up and do the teaching. I’d then split the money with them 50/50.

They would need to:
Find a venue. This just needs to be a room with a couple tables.
Translate the ad text into German. Something
Find existing communities and groups who might be interested and post
ads to their facebook group / website / forum / noticeboard etc.
Take email registrations.
Gather the tools and materials.
Assist me in giving the workshops, which basically just means doing the
workshop with everyone else.

I’d be able to give full info on how to do it all, it’s very simple and
would come to about two or three days running round grabbing stuff, and
a couple hours total sending emails/posting ads etc.

The ones in Australia made me about AU$1600 for two one-day workshops,
so the person could expect about E600 to E1000 all up. They’d also at
the end know how to make the wind turbine, and how to set up and provide
the workshops, so would be able to then do more of them on their own.

They wouldn’t need any existing skills, just able to speak German and
English and be self motivated.
I’d be looking to get this started as soon as possible. I’ll want to do
the days in about 3 - 4 weeks, which is about how long it takes to get
people in.



Too far away I fear … We could of course help with translation. The Target groups/marketing must probably be close to Berlin?