Projectmanagement IT Needs

Hi Alex, can you describe what are the IT/Web needs for the Projectmanagement infrastructure? Maybe Daniel Sanidasz could help. Thanks!

We need a project management system for our projects at OSEG, with tasks, versioning, bugtracking and so on. What would be the best solution? We currently evaluate Atlassian’s JIRA at (feel free to register and test it) - which is Open Source and quite comprehensive.

Every serious project management system supports the things you listed. Although I’ve never worked with JIRA, at first glance it seems to be just fine for these tasks. As long as everyone involved comprehends it, it should be fine.

If you need any extra functionality that’s not implemented in the normal JIRA, let me know.


quoting myself here: „Das Atlassian JIRA ist mächtig und gewiss gut als Projektmanagment - allerdings steht keine der CC Lizenzen bei denen unter den Open Source genehmigten Lizenzen, mit denen man eine kostenlose Nutzungslizenz von deren Software bekommt. Also werde ich auf unsere ToDo-List setzen, dass wir einen Open Source free-to-use tracker installieren. Eine endgültige Lösung ist JIRA also (noch?) nicht.“

Let’s discuss some bugtracking and project managment software again at the next (online) meeting.

Daniel, you are very welcome to join the next meeting and support us :slight_smile:



Ein Issue-Tracker bzw eine Projektmanagement Software unter freier Lizenz (GPL) wäre Redmine.


We still need a tracker/ticket system.