PeachyPrinter100$ -Audio instead of motors, Extrusion->Laser

One of our open source blender community had the idea of an incredible simple 3D printer. It’s for resin only though I can imagine using the revolutionary laser control system for melting metal as an alternative to the expensive and high-tech RepRap electron beam welder/mill/3Dprinter Metallica.

They gained almost 700 000 $ for the peachy printer and I hope they finally open source it completely. And it looks promising as this guy [Rylan] is a long time blender fellow and our communities (blender, RepRap, …) already work on improving the printer. I feel the peachy is VERY scalable and versatile (creating high precision molds gets a charm following Michael’s tips).


Improvement: Limit the resin extent by using a swimming donut or similar (e.g. a raft).
1st extension: Multiple resin types/colours being printed at the same time (one single motor at the top salt water tank flips the current resin).
2nd improvement: Flexible and open source resins from

Even multiple print ups at the same time is no problem for this laser 3D printer as it simply doesn’t matter if there are several simultaneous prints. (Rylan even mentions that it’s possible to model in blender while sending the lower parts of the design to the printer already - very interesting his blender script).

And if that were not enough it is even possible to join smaller parts to bigger parts by applying resin inbetween the joints as resin will stick to already hardened resin perfectly! It can be cured outside in the UV light of our nearby stars.

(the last image idea for getting rid of the necessity of correcting for the tapered/pyramid-style workspace of the mirrors that point the laser has been omitted because of the danger of a lock inbetween the four vertical rods - so software correction is used, the project updates can be found here or soon on their peachy webpage too.)

Currently all this works for DC coupled audio cards only. The mirror arrangement had to be reworked too but that’s no problem as light particles as bosons can pass each other without any intereference.

I wish this 3D printer will bring a revolution, it looks so affordable. Any opinions on peachy? (excuse my enthusiasm :neutral_face: i still seem to believe in santa claus and the green revolution :mrgreen: )