OSEG Online Meeting on Sunday, 2012-07-01 20:00

OSEG Online Meeting on Sunday, 1st July 2012 20:00

Software: Mumble (Free + Open Source)
Server address: oseeurope.org
Port: 64738 (Standard Mumble port)

I already invited Gerard, Andreas Gmeiner and Birgit Kociper by phone.

Gerard Wed via e-mail:

I am eager to get involved in some [OSEG] projects.
I am a building architect and did software for about 10 years.
I know some hardware programming too.

I work with different scientists and will be making organic solar
cells and lighting for buildings.
Me and 2 other scientists have now setup a bio-mimicry institute in
Berlin. Just gtting the non profit documents sorted out.
I see this and OSE being at a synergistic mutal goal.
And i know we can get government funding for a permanent workshop in berlin.

bin vorraussichtlich dabei

Germany is out of the game and does not participate in the final European soccer play off :cry: Good for our meeting :smiley:
Please be on time everybody.

Hier findet ihr das Meeting-Protokoll vom 01.07.2012 im Wiki:


Aus aktuellem Anlass: Könnte das Protokoll noch jemand vervollständigen der anwesend war? :slight_smile: