ORGA Meeting?

Hi everyone,

in the last month we haven’t done much on the Organizational scale. Timm got to know few more people, Sebastian helped with some technical stuff, Aron is developing software and I took a pause and I am searching for a job. Do we want to have a meeting to discuss our thoughts on organization? Please enter your availability in the Doodle:
Expected duration: 1 hour.

I want to discuss few things about developing the network:

  • it needs to invite everyone and give them space for connection. We need to invite (at least few) more people to decide on and build the network - networkers, open hardware entusiasts, …
  • identity shouldn’t block people from participating, identity should be neutral, identity should inspire.
  • start with lean network and grow it when needed.


P.S: sorry for automatically writing in English. Feel free to respond also in German :slight_smile:

Nach dem Doodle werden wir dann am Montag, 29. April, um 19:00 mumblen:



  • Netzwerk - die E-Mail, die ich am Samstag geschickt habe und weitere Gedanken darüber.
  • andere …

LG, Nikolay