Online Meeting - 15.07, Sunday, 20:00

OSEG Online Meeting on Sunday, 15.07.2012 at 20:00 CET.

Topics may be suggested in this Thread and then added in this post as an overview.

Current Topics:

OSEG Logo - Get current favorites of everyone. Prepare before final decision making.
Verein - Satzung -
Open Source Economy - Vision for Europe:
Another topic?

Software: Mumble (Free + Open Source) 1.2.3<
Server address:
Port: 64738 (Standard Mumble port)

Participants (please add your name as a reply to this thread):

  • Nikolay

    Disclaimer: Anything you say may be recorded and uploaded as a protocol and for people who could not participate. The client software shows if the meeting is currently being recorded.

If you can participate, please add your name as a reply to this thread. Thank You!

I added the vision for OS Economy for Europe as one of the topics:

Please confirm if you are participating in the call today.

I don’t know yet if I will be there. However, I don’t have anything new to report for now.

The meeting didn’t take place because nobody was there. The Verein/Association questions are still open for discussion and decision making.