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aehm … die links funktionieren alle nicht. Wahrscheinlich weil die alle noch auf fairietree zeigen statt auf worlddevelopment.


Wiki as functionality modules collection/guide

You may want to add how you use it to this site.

Repositories exist on worlddevelopment github only if it fits into one of the following categories:

  • club matters
  • selection / collection of repositories (e.g. like the GVCS 50 of the OSE US but consistent, more flexible/forkable and version controlled). This is just a complementation to the Wiki that allows to add, remove all released modules of a category at once. For getting an overview of which projects are in development one should ideally get a good overview via the category listing on the Wiki.if every project on the Wiki is tagged extensively. (Currently it is inconsistent and incomplete.)

The repositories are collected from any eco github organization or eco individual across the world (as long as it is a hosted project, e.g. Git or 0install or a UNIX distribution package).

It must be admitted that worlddevelopment is not consistently using 0install for dependency handling as of now. Sometimes it is still using Git submodules which is deprecated because it is no dependency handling at all and does not allow to define a compatible version range but only one and exactly one commit. This inconsistency is targetted.

We have defined a Roadmap using github milestones: