Marcin: "$300/day" for anyone who wants to help OSE on site.

Marcin’s Christmas Gift to the World is the documentation of „A Single Day Production Run of the Brick Press“.
„$300 admission for interested fabricators in training and anyone interested in helping on the production run“
Trivia: You can become a „True Fan“ for a month and make a visit for only 10 bucks.

If there would only be xmas more often, the world would get more documentation from OSE :unamused:

I believe there is not much documentation of the the organizational development and the Production runs. And Marcin is picky with whom he collaborates, so first they have to find the right people. And I know that there are playing more factors about that which we don’t know. At least since few months there are daily Logs of the people involved so that what has been done is much more transparent - it would be good that we apply this too: