What are the options for Internet on the trailer / camping place?

from cheap to expensive:

If there’s a nearby hardwired WAN connection, e.g. at a neighbor’s house:

  • long range wireless LAN @ 2.4 Ghz with parabolic dishes, WDS, <32mbit
  • if clear LOS (line of sight): long range optical modulation, e.g. RONJA (Open Source!). Basically laser half-duplex communication, <10mbit

if not:

  • LTE (long term evolution) high speed mobile internet: 0-25mbit
  • UMTS/3G: 0-15mbit

3G is enough for my purposes :slight_smile: I’m currently working with 3G network from hotel and it’s faster than the T-Com WLAN hotspot :slight_smile:

Problem is: Costs and Traffic. Most providers charge 80-90 Euro per month for an all-free 3G internet flatrate. And even this one has a traffic limit at 2-5GB / month.

Current prices for 3G are 30-50€ for 10GB/month.


Thus one should use wireless LAN if possible. As listed above, 3G is the most expensive wan connection.