[DONE] fix the wiki entry of TiVA (convert latex tags)

I fixed the wind turbine entry some time ago, but didn’t get to fix the TiVA entry. OSEG uses other plugins versus OSE and thus the tags and some formatting don’t seem right. E.g. the use of TeX-tags at formulas. Can somebody please go through the wiki entry and fix those?


Hello Alex

the Extension
should be solve the problem or not?

Or is the instead the problem?


The tags seem to be one problem, yes.
There’s already a TeX extension running and TeX is properly parsed, however, the opensourceecology.com’s wiki entries were parsed differently and thus some of the formatting is broken - e.g. tables don’t exist, and tags are not exchanged…

ok so the wiki should accept both tags? and ?

I will fix it when I have access to the server :wink:

Ok now the tags will converted to automatically

item DONE