Ahoi from here.

Hello colleagues,

for some time I just was too shocked because of the non-open-ness of the forum - I have to specify: some members seem not to tolerate other’s opinions – and this in a open source forum, it just made me feel bad. To be fair I have to add, that others came to say that everyone has a right to post even his frustration with how the world works in these times or always did.

Anyway that’s only a question of philosophy.

I’m not here to give you the Philosopher’s Stone - somewhat strange this phrase I have no doubt you will immediately realize my craziness anyway, so I just will show how I am directly: rather a confused old guy with long beard who feels strong towards nature. Okay, now you see … :smiley:

Now to the more real part. (not that the other was the imaginary one^^) – my projects.
I’m convinced of open source, it’s the future. It’s how research works since long time ago. (Papers are not really too different. And remember that even in close times of WWII in 1938 the Berlin scientists shared their discovery of Nuclear fission.)

The problem people nowadays feel is redundancy at all corners - in the net, the open source projects (license problems holding back from joining similar efforts to one big one, a huge catastrophe).

Open source ecology tidies up the mess of data a bit and at the same time bundles efforts and develops new ideas and this way opens new doors to how the world technology really works. It spreads the knowledge. Hopefully never again will we suffer the loss like in the after-ancient times when we lost so much in Europe, I just always feel really bad only to mention this. An example is burning clay, building proper channels and water pipelines. Not to mention a general change in philosophy and loss of democracy. Okay this time it was the Roman emperor of the East’s bad luck and lack of standing to his previously drawn line. (no innuendo on Barack Obama, it’s another story).

So, ha, my projects, did almost forget to write more about them.

  • EVs
  • Robotics in General, in special the AMOR (Autonomous milking ongoing robot)
  • And many more of course … just all currently hibernating … or more job-related, something for simplifying teachers’ lives currently takes all my wits and worries.
  • Ah, I forgot the fuel cells I’m dealing with.
  • Did I mention the new tower electricity project? Ha, don’t say I’m confused. :wink: Here in this part it’s allowed I think.

I of course took a view of the other projects too. I’m a fan of opensourceecology for some time now and also contributed some tiny bits to the opensourceecology wiki. Nothing too big so far. Just difficult to get my projects anywhere, so I posted them in our Germany’s wiki and et voilà, for some days they survived. I’m still gratefull Nikolay did not delete them, just deleted the links … so I can still add to the wiki entries if I make progress independant from if it gets an official project or not. I think open source is open, open for ideas, open for projects. Sorry, biased again! Of course organisation and free adding of projects would be suicide of the overview, so I just can stick with your practice of first discussing about it in the forum. Currently there is no reason to hurry as I am too busy with my university jobs and severe problems at my home farm, so engagement in other projects will be limited.

For wind turbines I have a calculation Open document sheet (still to convert it to LibreOffice), created by Electrodus originally. Unfortunately it’s not for Lenz2 turbines (hence not for TIVA if I get it right), but for Savonius - the only things to adjust should be efficiency, measurements and the addition of drag and lift on the profiles. If it’s not more than that … :open_mouth:
Electrodus original version. (.ods Download)
Expanded, demystified version. Probably not only fixed bugs but created some. (.ods Download)
Anyway, it gives a good idea on how things work. That a much bigger generator is needed than the final average output will be because of surges in wind. It still applies that wind is unpredictable and especially unsteady. The biggest problem to face with wind turbines if considering the consequences for power distribution, storage, generator rating, structure rigidness … you know the story better than me.

Now I’m getting off topic. After some time I decided to get it done and register here in the forum. Not that you think I would disapprove the forum and prefer proprietary systems like facebook, btw the biggest dilemma that happened to our world that such an important and widespread (even for use for university lectures sometimes, omg) platform is NOT open source. To change this by now is a big task. Not one I want to deal with for sure. Virtuality is not my passion. It’s my job. Though powerful for knowledge and global rights.

So, a lot to read for you, it’s a pity, I complain about redundancy and too big amounts of data in the net and then, what do I do? Just write too much … tztz. :neutral_face:

Let’s make things happen, for a better world. I thank you for all efforts, you’ve done a good job, keep it going folks! We’re going :mrgreen:.

Many wishes,
Jan, or call me „rada“ it’s okay and that’s what I’m used to and fits my confusedness best :slight_smile:.

Hi Jan/rada and welcome to OSEG! Feel free to participate the way you want.

Normally we don’t like too much talk and prefer more contribution-oriented actions.

Currently we have decided to accept projects as OSEG projects according to this procedure: https://wiki.opensourceecology.de/OSEG_Projektanforderungen (in German). We don’t have yet a mutually agreed and easy way to spread about cool Open Hardware projects, but we plan to decide how to do it. We are also in the process of understanding/deciding how to grow as open network/movement.

Best wishes,

Hi Nikolay,

thank you for your warm welcome. I will try to fit your norms better.
I appreciate the link you posted and will give it a try to get the project official after some more clear definition of some submodules and more available high level schematics. To fit it to the new modular (fisher technik in giant perhaps?) principle I think of replacing aluminium profiles with those OSE America is planning to manufacture. I still hope on one of the more complicated RepRap 3D Printers capable of printing metal. Currently - due to lack of advanced manufacturing machines - many parts are highly improvised (intended forms of special parts are interpolated using available shapes) to reduce the cost. Unfortunately the building process of the prototypes gets lengthy, complicated and a bit inaccurate.

To keep the system as autark as possible I plan to get rid of the power connector by utilizing solar modules and using some alternate cooling system for the milk. Those submodules could serve other OSE applications, too - cooling motors or generators for example in hot arid regions where water is limited to certain short periods of the year. The manipulator used is highly specialized currently but possibility is high that at some point a more general manipulator that looks more like an industrial robot will be designed. The theory is not the problem, the control neither, the mechanics will stay the main problem for the hobbyist and diy’er.

Contributions-orientated sounds brilliant, that’s what we need. So many people ask me why progress is so slow nowadays - the answer is it is not slow, it’s just too much data to realise that progress is there. (consider 3D printing metal, who could think of that in post-war times? in times where we bought our first tractor prior to that we had to do it all by hand, nowadays tractors are everywhere, cars are more frequent than ants)

So I will shift to more wiki and github activity, check issues and discussions there and limit my talking here to organisational or planning issues.

We don’t have yet a mutually agreed and easy way to spread about cool Open Hardware projects, but we plan to decide how to do it. We are also in the process of understanding/deciding how to grow as open network/movement.

Open hardware projects are not the only thing. Application notes should be included. Often engineers of e.g. silicon vendors and scientists share a lot of their know-how, just that people don’t know about it.

Not joining absolutely redundant efforts because of license issues is a nogo for me. It’s open source or not, no matter which open license used. This is my opinion. I don’t want people to waste their time developing a redundant system, while other far more settled and more evolved projects stagnate because of lack of developers – and all that because of license version 2 and version 3 being incompatible from a lawyer’s point of view. Perhaps we need open source lawyers tidying up the mess. And not that it’s insignificant for the future, from the virtual model directly to the final product will be the manufacturing future. CAD redundancy also produces incompability of filetypes and the need of more converters because every application makes things different. Really, blender is the way to go, it’s too obvious. I often even wonder, why people use sketchup instead of incorporating good things from sketchup like huge parts libraries into blender. Okay, it’s a topic on its own but people should be aware of it. Sketchup is super, no doubt. But is it possible to create models like those with sketchup? Imagine, whatever model you are capable to create virtually, you will be able to print in reality in the coming decades. It’s time to get things bundled into blender, joined effort, the world can only profit.

Btw, thanks for all your work and I heard that some of us even donate money regularly, I didn’t expect that.