Hi Julien,

it is Nikolay from Open Source Ecology.

I am writing you to exchange a status update with you and ADABio - how we are developing in Europe.
@Jacopo, could you share a short status and plans from Italy?
@Christopher Fraser (UK), Angel Imaz (OpenELand, Spain), Daniel Connell ( - if you have some projects/news/plans feel free to share too.
@Eerik and Will ( - would be great to share a short status update with the others.
@Everyone, if you think we are missing someone important in the Open Hardware scene, please include them if it makes sense.

In Germany we are working on:

  1. the Open Source Wind Turbine Plattform - intended to get factual open source data on the performance of various vertical and horizontal wind turbines:
  2. DiVER - Open Source Low-Voltage Energy Grid - for optimal energy usage. Will be connected to the Wind Turbine and other renewable energy sources, including Photovoltaics (PV).
  3. Filamaker, Plastic Shredder and Extruder - to transform scrap plastic into 3D Objects, locally. The Schredder is ready, we are researching the Extruder. Planning on crowdfunding to open source it:
  4. Zinc-Air Battery. Still in the initial phases of development:
  5. Induction furnace, 1-5KW:
  6. We are collaborating with other existing projects to create Open Source (Cargo) Bikes:

We are currently expanding the Network - making it open for everyone to participate, not just OSE but everyone working on sustainable technologies.

On the IT front, we are developing a software for better communication between all the sustainable projects. After that we plan to share the Open Source Web Spreadsheet, the alternative of the Google Spreadsheet.

I have few questions to you and ADABio:

  1. After 6 months to 1 year we plan to open source a Yard Loader. Do you have people in the network with experience with the construction of it who may help us with advice? (it is German currently, but you can see the photos and YouTube video)

  2. We are planning in the next few months to build a Rolling Cultivator for organic farming. Does anyone from the ADABio network has experience with the building one and give us possibly advice about it?

  3. How is ADABio developing? Will you start open sourcing technologies on the web? What are your plans for the next year?

  4. Could you share some tips on what were the successful factors for expanding the network in France. It is amazing how many people you have involved already.

Thank you,


P.S. @Everyone - If you don’t mind I would share your answers in the OSE Germany forum publicly. If you don’t like the info to be public, just let me know: