Hallo from Mannheim

Es wäre schön, wenn Du Dich uns kurz vorstellen würdest, damit wir wissen, was Dich interessiert und wie wir unsere gemeinsame Vision mit Deiner Hilfe noch besser realisieren können!
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Hallo from Mannheim

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I am Christian, 29 years old and have been passively following OpenSourceEcology (and open-hardware) for two years. I am almost finished with my Bachelor in Computer Science and want to make accessible and open software for the sake of sane design and realizing its full potential (because software can in fact be adapted by the invited user). I have previously studied cultural anthropology and philosophy and have a critical perspective on capitalism through Marx and Adorno mostly.
While it has been clear to me for some time that only open hardware can really make open source software and knowledge thrive, I wanted to approach hardware in parallel slowly and team up with others. I have worked on Votorola (1) because I think we need a conscious collective framework for our economy and society. Sadly this has not turned out to be the proper approach for me, it is too top-down steered from liberal theory and we don't really know yet what democracy means practically. When I tried to apply Votorola to a real global issue, climate change, I recognized the lack of practical approach through a purely "democratic" tool. But when I finally learned about the scale of our problem with the climate by starting from the problem, not theory (2) I decided to change my life immediatly and have to apply everything possible to get our society a) recognize and understand its reliance on nature and b) emit zero carbon in a few years while finding ways to reverse parts of the carbon emissions afterwards. This is a scary, apocalyptic and gigantic task which cannot happen without massive collective change. I am here in the hope to find support through technology and open cooperation from like-minded and honest people. For now I am interested in addressing agriculture through permaculture and learn hardware building through building TiVA while keeping the social totality in mind (connect people through software and hardware when reasonable).


(1) http://zelea.com/project/votorola/home.html
(2) http://guymcpherson.com/2013/01/climate ... nd-update/


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